Tuesday, November 17, 2009

THE LAST EMPEROR -SCience TeAm.....Go!!

The Last Emperor: Science Team...Go! The long awaited return of the Last Emperor is here. On 10.30.09, the wait was over and Emp released "Science Team...Go!" digitally (for free download) and on CD. Mixed by the Bash Brothers. this release boasts production from Diamond, Beatminerz (Evil Dee, Mr. Walt), Prince Paul, DJ Muggz (Soul Assassins/Cypress Hill), Showbiz, MegaDemus, Jazzy Jeff, & more with timeless collaborations from Pharoah Monch, Black Tought, Dead Prez, Tajai (Souls of Mischief), the Gorillaz, Chuck D, KRS-One, Vinia Mojica, Wordsworth and Pack FM to name a few.

The Project:
"Science Team....Go!" is a collaborated effort between RED PLANET MUSIC x deejay's MICKEY KNOX & CONCEPTS (The Bash Bros.) x 2DOPEBOYZDOTCOM. It is a mix of the new, unreleased, and classic Last Emperor joints. The 20 track mix is available for free download. In conjunction with the free download, there will be a limited edition 2 disc CD available with the second CD containing classic and unreleased collaborations + a few of Emp's live performances. The 33 song, 2cd, full length release is guaranteed to Bang in your Box, trust.

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